Institutional & Private Investments in Priceless Art. Investment Portfolio Volume min € 200 Million

Disclaimer: Diamondeyes® does not lend or loan funds, nor offer brokerage or any other financial service. This entity is entirely a conceptual creator of new business models

World Premiere 2017 with first acquisition TESORI DIVINI™

Escrow and conditions will be announced through a select list of banks

Websites, Domains, Business Concept and Trademark are exclusive property to Mr. Ron Andersson, Sweden

Trademark registered 2017-01-23. | |

NEWS 15th of November 2016

Art Banque Mondial®

World’s first best-kept-secret arts company. This will change the trade permanently and release value and dynamics. Value may increase by 30 % first year. Banks and associate operatives will receive normal commissions at a steady rate.

When above is executed:

This is a substantial innovation of practice and tactics that will stun the markets! It has never been done before, but is a very natural step forward.

  • No, this is not a new listed arts fund
  • Please find below the ‘extras’ – it is not the main business engine

  • World’s first registry for art pieces of high value, with numbered accounts and prime numbers – bearer’s certificate / registry. (Bank level security) Art Banque Mondial will keep records, archives and all pertinent information in sake for a safer, simpler trade and value of objects at hand. WHO HAS WHAT AND HISTORIC OWNERSHIP WILL BE EASY TO FOLLOW
  • Ultra High confidence in provenance. Hand-to-hand
  • Current ownership is protected (except when a court of law issues a subpoena from IRS or/and law authorities)
  • 100% authentication processes via artificial DNA invisible marking and secret methods
  • Online certificate pawning and auction possibilities by proxy (owner is discrete until transaction is done)
  • Constant scanning & refinement of bonafide objects – this is a 10 year process, at least. Questionable authenticity will be detected and expelled/rejected. Fakes will no longer be able to exist
  • Annual registry fees per object and fees for appraisals and title pawning will generate substantial revenues. Safe affordable storage will be offered to those interested in investment purposes only
  • Easier finance for art with Art Banque Mondial’s certificates
  • Some income will be returned to sponsor coming new artists – all commercial genres – ABM Trésors d’Art.
  • Big sponsors will be able to obtain an invitation to purchase a special and unique ‘Art Ring’ – the net amounts will benefit new arts. The ABM-Ring; it will be coveted by many

Information: Ron Andersson